Monday, December 29, 2008

Celebrate New Years Eve with Your Pets

Well friends, 2008 is quickly coming to an end... As we approach New Year's Eve, we'd like to take this opportunity to thank you all for being such great friends and for showing your support. Your faith in Ruff Ruff and Meow continues to inspire us to create new fashions and come up with more funny dog t-shirts and tank tops to keep your dogs and cats looking fresh.

New Year's Eve is a great time to celebrate the coming of a new year with anticipation of what positive things lie ahead, while reminissing on fond memories from the past year. Although it can be a fun filled celebration for humans, it can be a rough night for animals.

Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind as you celebrate this New Year's Eve with your pets.

If you are hosting a New Year's Eve party at your house, make sure your pets are placed in a comfortable area that is away from the activities and loud noises. Popping open a bottle of champagne may be fun to you, but it's a perfect way to scare your dog or cat. Whenever possible, avoid keeping them outside, as fireworks and other neighbors celebrations can lead to unnecessary pet anxiety, as well.

Be aware of alcohol and pets, especially after the party is over, when there may be glasses of beer or liquor left behind. Consumption of alcohol can be very dangerous, even deadly, for pets, so be sure to keep a close eye on pets when alcohol is around, and never give them any alcohol as a treat or just a joke.

If you decide to celebrate this New Year's Eve with a quiet night at home, be sure to include your pets in the celebration. They love the attention and will probably want you closeby to cuddle up with if the fireworks outside get too noisy! :)

Happy New Years to everyone!

Ruff Ruff

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Free Pets from LA Animal Services for the Holidays!

Have you considered Pet Adoption? As the number of abandoned and stray pets continues to rise, Ruff Ruff and Meow would like to strongly recommend that you consider adopting a pet rather than buying one from a pet store.

If you live in the Los Angeles area, here's even better reason why NOW is the best time to do adopt a pet.

Silent Santa to pay all Fees for 300 Pet Adoptions!

Los Angeles - YES, VIRGINIA, THERE IS A SANTA "PAWS". A benefactor, wishing to remain anonymous, pledged to pay all adoption fees for 300 pets adopted between now and Christmas at any LA Animal Services Center. Santa stated, "I hope this offer will help empty the kennels and cages and gives these pets a real home for Christmas." Santa had one request of those adopting a pet; that they write a letter to LA Animal Services explaining how adopting the pet changed their lives.

"We are awed by this compassionate and generous gift that will bring so much joy to so many families", said Ed Boks, general manager of LA Animal Services. "We are immensely grateful to our Silent Santa for exemplifying the true spirit of the season by giving so deeply to help those who need it the most - our homeless pets. Happiness is an empty animal shelter on Christmas morning."

The offer could not have come at a more perfect time. LA Animal Services has experienced a 20% increase in the number of owners surrendering their pets due to the foreclosure crisis. Santa has reversed the fortune of these newly homeless animals.

In light of this amazing offer, both the East and West Valley Animal Care Centers will be open today, Monday, December 22, from noon to 5 P.M. (All Centers are normally closed on Monday.) All six LA Animal Care Centers will be open from 8 A.M. to 7 P.M. Tuesday and from
8 A.M. to 5 P.M. Wednesday, Christmas Eve.

We urge all those who hear about this exceedingly generous offer to paws to seriously contemplate the long term commitment needed to adopt a pet,"Boks added. "Decisions should not be made lightly and LA Animal Services reserves the right to refuse an adoption when we believe the welfare of the animal is not improved by the adoption. This offer is for individuals and families ready to make a 10-15 year financial and emotional commitment to a pet."

Pet adoptions include the spay/neuter surgery, microchip, vaccinations and in the case of a dog a license. You can find your true love at any one of the following locations:

North Central
3201 Lacy Street, Los Angeles, CA 90031

West LA
11361 West Pico Blvd.,Los Angeles, CA 90025

957 N. Gaffey Street, San Pedro, CA 90731

South LA
3612 11th Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90018

East Valley
14409 Van Owen St., Van Nuys, CA 91405

West Valley
20655 Plummer Street, Chatsworth, CA 91311

Monday, December 22, 2008

Fans of Ruff Ruff and Meow are coming Rain or Shine

It doesn't seem like the rain is stopping the hoards of people coming out for Ruff Ruff and Meow's Warehouse Sale...

It's not too late! Among other items, you can take advantage of Ruff Ruff and Meow's specials on doggie tees, tanks & sweatshirts for dogs and cats. For a limited time only, we are offering 1 for $10 (a $20-$30 Value!), 3 for $25 (a $60-$90 Value!), or 5 for $40 (a $100-$150 Value!).

Some of our fans are even walking away with up to 20 shirts at once!

Don't delay, head on down to Ruff Ruff and Meow and snatch up some great deals on designer dog clothes and pet accessories. You're furry friends and pet-loving buddies are sure to love the gifts they'll receive - and you'll love the discounted prices!

Visit Ruff Ruff and Meow's Warehouse at 1006 Brioso Dr, Costa Mesa, CA 92627 or call 949-548-7833.

All You Need is a Little Faith

On Sunday Dec. 14, 2008 David was minding his own business & biking home from work on 19th Street in Costa Mesa, California when he heard a whimpering coming from a nearby dumpster. Curious, he made his way over to it, looked inside & saw a 2 month old puppy... scared, cold & shivering amidst the trash.

David, her hero & the man who found her

Horrified, he immediately, got her out. He took her home with him but unfortunately knew he couldn't keep her. He remembered that Ruff Ruff & Meow was right around the corner from his home & hoped that the owners would be able to help in some way.

The next day, he walked into the Ruff Ruff & Meow offices hoping beyond hope that the owners could help find the puppy a new home. Bophet & Caroline immediately got on the phones to everyone they knew, took photos of the little puppy & wrote a bio which they posted online. They immediately got responses from the post. Meanwhile, the puppy was relaxing & becoming more & more playful as she frolicked around in their warm showroom. The little puppy came to the right place as Ruff Ruff & Meow is a haven for doggie & kitty love & she soon found herself dressed in one of Ruff Ruff & Meow's "I walk by Faith" tank tops, munching on treats & playing with their dog toys.

From Doggie Hell to Puppy Heaven

Caroline suggested they call her "Faith" considering her journey in the last couple of days it seemed to be the perfect name for her. So "Faith" it was. Shana Fife, a woman involved in the loop during the search said "She went from doggie hell to puppy heaven." Everyone at Ruff Ruff & Meow quickly fell in love with her and agreed to keep her until they found her a home. Janet, one of their screeners took her home with her that first evening to foster her until she found a home. The next day, feeling more & more comfortable Faith found herself running around their showroom greeting customers as the came in.

Challen, Faith's New Daddy

One such customer - Challen quickly took to Faith. That's when Bophet & Caroline told him of her story -from Dumpster to Ruff Ruff & Meow to hopefully a loving new home... & Challen without hesitation said that he would LOVE to adopt her! Bophet & Caroline were thrilled as they could tell that Challen would provide a loving home for "Faith" the puppy & tearfully but happily said their goodbyes to Faith ~sending her home with a new Ruff Ruff & Meow dog shirt & toy.
Faith, happily playing with her new brother
(photo sent in by Challen)

Happy & Content in Her New Home

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Hurry! Last Days to Order Your Christmas Gifts and Save 20%!

Just a Reminder for All You Last Minute Christmas Shoppers...

When ordering via Priority Mail, tomorrow (December 19th) is the last day to order to ensure your Ruff Ruff and Meow dog clothes and pet accessories will arrive before Christmas.

If you procrastinate a few more days, you can still place your order until December 23rd and use Overnight Delivery to receive your goodies before Christmas.

So, don't delay any longer... browse through our store and fill your basket with the cutest dog clothes and pet accessories online. We have hundreds of custom designs to choose from, including designer dog t-shirts and dog and cat tank tops (with many items costing less than $20), and great stocking stuffer gifts for under $10, including our dog bandanas, doggie wristbands (only $2.95 each!), doggie hair clips or doggie treats.

Plus, you can now take advantage of our Economic Stimulus Package special offer and receive 20% off your entire order, just by using Promo Code CS 82.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Santa's Little Helper featured in Modern Dog Magazine

Ruff Ruff and Meow is proud to say, we've been featured in Modern Dog Magazine's Dressed Up Dog blog - yet again!

This time, Rose, the adorable, mini dachshund, is dressing the part to get on nice not naughty list in Ruff Ruff and Meow's Santa's Little Helper dog t-shirt. This holiday design is also available in a dog tank top, dog sweatshirt or dog bandana.

Orders yours today and you can have it before Christmas! Call 1-866-742-7833 or visit us online at

Happy Howlidays!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Ruff Ruff and Meow Warehouse Sale - 50%-80% Off!

Now is Your Chance to Visit the Ruff Ruff and Meow Warehouse/Store and Get 50%-80% OFF!
  • Dates: Now thru Dec. 24
  • Time: 11-6pm

  • Address: Ruff Ruff & Meow 1006 Brioso Drive, Costa Mesa CA 92627

  • Directions: Off Whittier Ave between 17th and 18th St.

Come see our full line of Dog and Cat T-Shirts, Dog and Cat Sweatshirts, Pet Bandanas, Wrist Bands, Pet Beds, Pet Steps, & Matching Human Tanks!

We have over 200 designs to choose from, including: "Bitches Love Me", "My Mom is Single", "I Have Issues", "I'm Not Fat Just Fluffy", "Fleas Navidad", "Santa Little Helper", "I love Matzah Balls", "Rub my Belly for Good Luck", "Princess" and more!

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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Tis the Season to Shower Your Pet with Love

Only 18 days left until Christmas! Tis the season to shower your pet - or favorite pet lover - with love.

If you're still searching for the perfect holiday gift for your pet, Ruff Ruff and Meow's holiday pet gift guide will help you cross them off your list and save you money while you're shopping.

At Ruff Ruff and Meow, we have a variety of holiday designs to choose from, including our ever-popular Kiss Me design, which is available in either a dog t-shirt, dog tank top, dog sweatshirt or matching human tank. For about $20, you can pamper your pet this holiday season.

Or maybe you want to celebrate the holiday season by showing off Santa's Little Helper. This design is also available in either a pet t-shirt, pet tank top, pet sweatshirt or matching human tank.

If you're searching for a holiday design for your Spanish or bi-lingual pet, Fleas Navidad is the perfect design for you!

We have many more holiday designs, so be sure to browse our store for the perfect gift for your dog or cat.

What's more, for a limited time, Ruff Ruff and Meow is offering 20% Off your entire order. Just use Promo Code CS 82 when you place your order.