Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Caroline Leedom, the CEO & Founder of Ruff Ruff and Meow, Nominated for 2012 Orange County Business Journal's Women in Business Award

Caroline Leedom, the CEO & Founder of Ruff Ruff and Meow is honored to be nominated for the 2012 Orange County Business Journal's Women in Business Award... Thanks to Orange County Business Journal's Publisher, Richard Reisman for the nomination.

Caroline Leedom is the Founder & CEO of Ruff Ruff & Meow, an Orange County based manufacturing company known for their celebrity loved, hip & humorous dog apparel. Ruff Ruff & Meow began in 2003 as the "originator of the pet personality tee" and today the brand has grown to include Dog Steps, Collars- even people clothes! Ruff Ruff & Meow lives by the mantra Social Consciousness, Quality & Originality. Caroline is very proud of the fact that her company's apparel is 100% made in the USA & has a very low carbon footprint as nothing is manufactured more than 30 miles from her facility! She has most recently launched the Ruff Ruff and Meow Rescue Program whose mission is to assist Rescues & Foundations across the globe in raising much needed funds to help animals in need.

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The Ruff Ruff and Meow Rescue Program

Ruff Ruff & Meow deeply believes in giving back & supporting those in need. Every year Ruff Ruff & Meow proudly supports a variety of Rescues, Charities & Organizations.

If you are a 501c3 contact us today for details about our newly launched Rescue Program & find out how we can help you!

Ruff Ruff & Meow proudly supports the following Rescues, Charities & Organizations!
Click here to see the 2012 partial list & counting:

Bacchus Doc in a Box

Ruff Ruff & Meow will support ALL worthy causes... even if they're not pet-related! A worthy cause is a worthy cause!

Our most recent support at Ruff Ruff and Meow goes to Doc in a Box which is is an amazing organization that takes standard shipping containers and converts them into mini mobile medical facilities. They transport them to remote areas of the world bringing much needed preliminary health care, clean water and education to areas in need. Clinics are designed to meet the local needs and conditions and are built using sustainable building methods. Interior features include examination area, medical supplies, refrigeration, water filtration and record storage. The clinics are fully insulated, have good ventilation and electric lighting. Clinics can also be run off of wind, solar or a local power supply. The clinics also double as a much needed multimedia classroom uniquely designed on the outside of the box to provide health awareness.

We think this is an incredible cause to get behind & we invite you to visit their website to learn more about this incredible organization:

We've Lowered the Price on our Pet Step for Dogs & Cats

We've lowered our prices for good on all of Ruff Ruff and Meow's Doggie Steps!

Prices starting at just $45.00!

Ask yourself... Do you have a small dog or cat who loves to jump on your bed or sofa? Ruff Ruff and Meow has the perfect solution!

We offer a fashionable yet practical soft doggie step made from a sturdy, high density foam that is designed to absorb the impact of your pets going up and down on hard surfaces. Our dog steps make it safe and gentle on your dog or cat's joints. They are lightweight and easy to move, so they can be used throughout the house either in the bedroom or on the living room sofa. They come in different colors and washable materials, and are made with a convenient zipper so you can easily clean them. What's best is that there are no hard or sharp edges so you won't bruise yourself if you accidentally bump into them, as can happen when you wander from your bed to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

The Ruff Ruff and Meow doggie step is perfect for dogs that have arthritis or bad hips. These dog steps are a kinder, safer alternative to hard, wooden dog steps you've seen advertised on TV. Our doggie steps come in two or three step variations, and you can choose from really cool materials, such as canvas, mink or shag in a variety of colors from chocolate to leopard or pink or white.

So whether you need a solution for your small pet to reach your high mattress or sofa or you are just looking for a way to spoil your dog or cat, order your doggie step today! Limited quantities! While supplies last!

2 & 3 Steps Available! Prices starting at $45.00

Stevie Nelson and Ruff Ruff & Meow

We at Ruff Ruff and Meow are proud to add "Stevie Nelson's Fury Friends" to the list of those we support!

Stevie Nelson was named ASPCA's 2011 "Kid of the Year".

Stevie Nelson is a little kid with a big heart. He has dedicated every day since his sixth birthday to helping more animals feel loved. Stevie has been featured on numerous websites, news broadcasts, and local & national newspapers. Stevie's message has been clear and consistant in each of his interviews.....He wants to help more animals.....feel loved

Don't Pass Over theis Incredible Passover Special

In honor of the Passover holiday... Buy any TWO Yiddish/ Jewish themed Dog Tank Tops or Dog Hoodies & Get a FREE "Kosher" Dog Squeaky Toy! Buy any Three Yiddish/ Jewish themed Tank Tops or Hoodies & Get a FREE "Kosher" Dog Squeaky Toy, 2 FREE Doggie Wristbands AND FREE SHIPPING!

Happy Passover!!!

Iowa Humane Alliance and Ruff Ruff & Meow working together for Iowa's pets

We at Ruff Ruff and Meow are proud to add the Iowa Humane Alliance / Spay Iowa to the list of those we support!

The Iowa Humane Alliance’s mission is to provide low cost/ spay/neuter services in the state of Iowa in order to reduce pet over-population, the number of animals entering shelters in the state & euthanasia of animals due to overpopulation.

Our Dog Clothing Proudly Made in California

Wow! We are proud to be recognized on the CMTC website as a "Made in California" Manufacturer (Aka: Made in USA)

"All of our tees & tanks are made in CA & have a low carbon footprint as nothing is manufactured more than 40 miles from our facility! All of our doggie clothing is made in CA. Each shirt is garment dyed which not only makes colors pop but also inhibits colors from running or fading when washed. Each garment is pre-washed to prevent shrinkage. In addition, no embellishment is ever glued on! Each embellishment has a backing to them. Our shirts are made to last and will withstand multiple washings and wearings. Our goal and commitment is always to quality and to welcome our customers back time and time again as repeat customers.